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SRI Meetings

Future SRI Meetings:

2024 - March 12-16, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2025 - March 25-29, Charlotte, NC, United States
2026 - March 24-28, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Past SRI Meetings:

2023 - March 21-25, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
2022 - March 15-19, Denver, CO, United States
2021 - July 6-9, Boston, MA, United States
2020 - March 10-14, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Cancelled)
2019 - March 12-16, Paris, France
2018 - March 7-10, San Diego, CA
2017 - March 15-18, Orlando, FL
2016 - March 16-19: Montreal, Canada
2015 - March 25-28: San Francisco, CA

Policy for Advertising External Meetings

  1. The meeting/event must occur more than 3 months before or after SRI’s Annual Scientific Meeting, as not to conflict or compete.
  2. The meeting/event must contain content that is relevant to the field of women’s health and of interest to SRI members.
  3. If the meeting/event fulfills the above requirements, it will be forwarded to the Chair of SRI 365 for approval and inclusion on this webpage

Please contact the SRI Staff with inquiries by emailing

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