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The DeCherney Society Lifetime Distinguished Service Award

The DeCherney Society Lifetime Distinguished Service Award began in 2016, and is intended to recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Society for Reproductive Investigation and significant contributions to the field of reproductive medicine and women's health. In 2018, current and former trainees of SRI Past President, Dr. Alan DeCherney, provided a generous donation of $50,000 to endow this award for future recipients.

Past Awardees include: Alan DeCherney, MD (2016); Joe Leigh Simpson, MD (2017); James M. Roberts, MD (2017); John Challis (2018); Norman Gant, MD (2019); Sarah Berga, MD (2020); Hilary Critchley, MD (2021); Sarah K. England, PhD (2022), Charles A. Ducsay, PhD (2023).

The 2024 recipient is Leslie Myatt, PhD.

The SRI Distinguished Scientist Award

An award is made annually to a senior member of the society who has made significant and lasting contributions to the society and to scientific research in reproductive medicine. The recipient is selected by the President with the advice of officers and other members.

Past awardees include: Nicholas S. Assali (1982); Willard M. Allen (1983); Edward H.G. Hon (1984); Donald H. Barron (1985); James T. Bradbury and Leon Chesley (1986); Louis Helllman and Elizabeth Ramsey (1987); Jack A. Pritchard (1988); Kenneth J. Ryan (1989); Paul C. MacDonald (1990); Giacomo Meschia (1991); Samuel S.C. Yen (1992); Robert B. Jaffe (1993); Daniel R. Mishell, Jr. (1994); Paul G. McDonough (1995); Lawrence D. Longo (1996); Pentti K. Siiteri (1997); Edward J. Quilligan (1998); Orlando J. Miller (1999); Howard W. Jones, Jr. (2000); Georgeanna Seegar Jones (2000); James R. Scott (2000); Robert K. Creasy (2000); Frederick P. Zuspan (2001); Joe Leigh Simpson (2002); Frederick Naftolin (2003; Luigi Mastroianni, Jr. (2004); Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulous (2005); Jerome F. Strauss, III (2006); D. Michael Nelson (2007); Linda C. Giudice (2008); John R.G. Challis (2009); Gautam Chaudhuri (2010); James M. Roberts (2011); Peter Nathanielsz (2012); Charles J. Lockwood (2013); Carole Mendelson (2014); Eli Y. Adashi(2015); Roberto Romero (2016); Leslie Myatt (2017); Lucilla Poston (2018); Roger Smith, AM, MBBS, FRACP, PhD (2019); Hugh Taylor, MD (2020); Peter Rogers, PhD (2021); Kunle O. Odunsi, MD, PhD (2022); Francesco J. DeMayo, PhD and Sarah Anne Robertson, PhD (2023).

The 2024 award recipients are Sandra Davidge, PhD, FCAHS, FRSC and Stephen Lye, PhD, FCAHS.

The President's Achievement Award

An award is made annually to a member of the society whose record in scientific investigation is outstanding and assures a continued productive career in research. The recipient is selected by the President with the advice of officers and other members.

Past awardees include: Gary D. Hodgen (1983); Evan R. Simpson (1984); John R.G. Challis (1985); Joe Leigh Simpson (1986); A.H. DeCherney (1987); Aaron J.W. Hsueh (1988); Eli Y. Adashi (1989); Jerome F. Strauss (1990); Murray D. Mitchell (1991); Roberto Romero (1992); Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos (1993); Robert Schenken and M. Linette Casey (1994); Rogerio A. Lobo (1995); Linda C. Giudice (1996); Stephen J. Lye (1997); Deborah J. Anderson (1998); Mark I. Evans (1999); Ricardo Azziz (2000); Sarah L. Berga (2000); Richard S. Legro (2000); Katherine D. Wenstrom (2001); Serdar Bulun (2002); Sandra Davidge (2003); Yoel Sadovsky (2004); Phillip Baker (2005); Sam Mesiano (2006); Kelle Moley (2007); Hugh Taylor (2008); Fiona Lyall and Jane Norman (2009); Marilyn Cipolla (2010); Lisa M. Halvorson (2011); Stephen Matthews (2012); Caroline Gargett (2013); Anil Sood (2014); Emily J. Su and Ayman Al-Hendy (2015); Emre Seli (2016); Jennifer Condon (2017); Thomas Jansson (2017); Mana Parast (2018); Sarah England (2019); Kjersti Aagaard (2020); Irina Burd, MD, PhD (2021), Dineo Khabele, MD (2022); Kristina M. Adams Waldorf, MD and Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, MSc, PhD (2023).

The 2024 award recipients are Tania Ortiga-Carvalho, PhD and Dino Giussani, PhD ScD FRCOG.

The SRI Mentorship Award

This award was established in 2003 to recognize the contributions of a member of the society to training and career development of investigators in the field of reproductive science and women's health. 

The first recipient of this award was Lawrence D. Longo (2004) followed by: Edward J. Quilligan (2005); Mortimer Levitz (2006); Philip J. DiSaia (2007) and James Roberts (2008); B.C.J.M. Fauser (2009); Louis Peeters (2010); James C. Rose (2011); John R.G. Challis (2012); Joan Hunt (2013); Leslie Myatt (2014); Linda Giudice (2015); Jerry Strauss (2016); Carole Mendelson (2017); Gautam Chaudhuri (2018); Jane  Norman, MD (2019); Sarah Robertson, PhD (2020); Elizabeth Bonney, MD, MPH (2021); Gerson Weiss, MD (2022); Thomas Jansson, MD, PhD (2023).

The 2024 award recipient is Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD.

The SRI Carole Mendelson Award

The Carole Mendelson Award was created in 2023, in honor of the 2022-2023 President. This travel award will go to an Early Career Investigator annually.

The 2024 award recipient is Shruthi Mahalingaiah, MD, MS.

The Rogerio A. Lobo Award

This award was established in 2007 to recognize the most outstanding contribution to Reproductive Sciences by a member of the Society for Reproductive Investigation. The award is named in honor of Dr. Lobo, a former President of the Society and former Editor in Chief of the Journal of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation (JSGI) which is now Reproductive Sciences.

The first recipients of this award were: Michael G. Ross and Omid Khorram (2008); Joan S. Hunt (2009); Carolyn Y. Muller (2010); Linda C. Giudice (2011); Nasser Chegini (2012); Kelle Moley (2013); Felice Petraglia (2014); Ayman Al-Hendy (2015); Hilary Critchley (2016); Kutluk Oktay (2017); Andrés Lopez Bernal (2018); Sonia Hassan (2019); Yutaka Osuga (2020); Clyde Wright, MD and Joshua Johnson, PhD (2021); Jessica St. Laurent, MD and Kevin Elias, MD (2022); Beatrice Lechner, MD and Lori Underhill, PhD (2023).

The 2024 award recipients are Stephane Bourque, PhD and Ronan Noble.

The Laxmi Baxi Award

The Laxmi Baxi Award is funded by Drs. Laxmi and Vibhakar Baxi in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ishwardhas Haridas Bhatia. The award was established in 2013 by and will be awarded to PhD individuals only who are either graduate students still in training or postdoctoral fellows within 5 years of their PhD degree. Two $1,000 travel awards will be given to the top abstracts in basic reproductive science and in translational reproductive science. The awardees will receive a certificate and a check and they will be honored at the SRI annual meeting. This award by a generous, long-standing member of SRI, Dr. Laxmi Baxi, was created to encourage young PhD trainees to present their research at our meeting.

Recipients are: Christina Hayward and Adva Cohen-Fredarow (2014); and Fiona Brownfoot and Frederick Rosario (2015); Bin Cao and Gulden Menderes (2016); Christia Angela M. Sison and Kimberley J. Botting (2017); Raffaella Lucciola and Gary Altwerger (2018); Yassen Abbas and Laura James-Allen, PhD (2019); Alison Paquette, PhD and Carlos Ibanez-Chavez, PhD (2020); Sampada Kallol, PhD and Jyoti Goad, PhD (2021); Keenan Bates and  Haruo Usuda, MD, PhD (2022); Shanna Hosking and Nicola Tempest, MBChB, PhD (2023).

The 2024 award recipients are Tiffany Habelrih and Gwendolyn Hummel.

The Thomas McDonald Foundation Travel Award

This award was established in 2014 by friends of Thomas McDonald to commemorate his life and contributions to many aspects of biology especially brain and endocrine development. The award is given to the submission by an early stage investigator either oral or poster, that the selectors feel would have interested Dr. McDonald most. The award recipient will be presented with a check and a certificate at the SRI Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony.

Recipients are: Luis Reyes-Castro (2014); Beth J. Allison (2015); Andrea Constantinof (2016); Nozomi Itani (2017); Sunam Gurung (2018); Katherine Know-Concepcion (2019); Sunam Guruna (2020); Margaret Eng (2021); Khanh Huynh (2022); Beth Piscopo (2023).

The 2024 award recipient is Nikola Ivanovski.

The Kusum Lata Travel Award

The Kusum Lata Award was established in 2020 and is supported by Dr. Bhuchitra Singh. The award will provide a $1,000 USD award to two worthy In Training Investigators, coming from Indian Universities and/or currently residing in India, originally from India, or abstract research is taking place in India. The award is based on high quality of their abstract submitted and accepted for the Annual Meeting and was created to encourage young investigators to present their research at our meeting. The awardees will receive a certificate and a check and they will be honored at the SRI annual meeting.

Recipients are: Sara Hillman, PhD, MBBS, BSc and Anna Chudnovets (2020); Guruprasad Kalthur and Keerthana Poojary, MSc (2021); Keerthana Poojary (2022); Sandhya Kumari M V, Jr. and Papri Sarkar (2023).

The 2024 award recipients are Ranya V. Kumar and Nikhil Srivastava.

The SRI President's Presenter's Award

The SRI President's Presenter's Award (formerly, Wyeth and formerly, SRI-Pfizer President's Presenter's Award) was established in 1996 to recognize the 25 most meritorious abstracts (either poster or oral presentation) submitted by individuals still in training. Fellows and those in both pre and post-doctoral training are eligible to receive the award. The society has always sought a means by which to encourage young investigators to present their research at our meeting. We anticipate the SRI President's Presenter's Award will result in the submission of more and better abstracts by the very people who need encouragement to consider a research career. 

The 2024 award recipients:
Jonathan W. Ausman
Enrico R. Barrozo
Analea Beckman
Katie Bidne
Marisol Castillo-Castrejon
Tik Tsun Cheng
David J. Combs
Baylea Davenport
Jenna C. Douglas
Stephanie Fisher
Taishi Fujimura
Jennifer Grasch
Amy Inkster
McKenzie K. Jancsura
Tori C. Kennedy
Avery C. Kramer
Andreas I. Lackner
Miranda Li
Tatyana Lynn
Ngoc Minh Phuong Nguyen
Sunwha Park
Amy Schumer
Caroline Smith
Cathlyn Sullivan
Yifan Wang

The SRI Poster Awards

These awards were initiated at the 2010 SRI Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Two investigators discuss/judge posters presented by Investigators-In-Training. The Poster Presenter will summarize their work in 2-3 minutes, followed by questions from the poster discussants/judges, maximum time frame 7-8 minutes. It is crucial for the presenter to be at his/her poster at the beginning of the poster session and remain there throughout the entire poster session. If the presenter is not at his/her poster when the discussants/judges arrive, the poster will not be judged and the presenter will not be eligible for a prize. The most important task of the poster discussants is to provide the presenter with valuable feedback on their work, the discussants/judges will score your poster with emphasis on the presentation. The scores will be used to award the 20 In Training Investigator Poster Awards. The awards will be presented at a ceremony at the SRI Annual Meeting.

View the 2024 Poster Awardees.

The SRI Travel Awards

The SRI Travel Awards were established in 2018 to support the attendance of In Training Investigators at the Annual Meeting and recognize trainees for the high quality of their abstracts. During years where funds allow, up to a total of 50 Awards will be given to intercontinental ($1,000), and continental (from the same continent as the location of the Annual Meeting) In Training Investigators ($500). The awardees will be recognized at the Annual Meeting by having their names placed both on a sign, as well as on a slide projected throughout the meeting.

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