2019 Award Winners

DeCherney Society Lifetime Distinguished Service Award

Norman Gant, MD

SRI Distinguished Scientist Award

Roger Smith, AM, MBBS, FRACP, PhD

Frederick Naftolin Award for Mentorship

Jane  Norman, MD

President's Achievement Award

Sarah K. England, PhD

Rogerio A. Lobo

Sonia Hassan, MD

Laxmi Baxi Awards

Yassen Abbas
Laura James-Allan, PhD

Thomas McDonald Award

Katherine Knox-Concepcion

Giorgio Pardi Junior Scientist Award

Luca Pagliardini, MSc

Giorgio Pardi Travel Awards

Valeria Vanni, MD
Laura Corti
Ilaria Falanga, PhD

SRI President's Plenary Awards

Michelle Coleman, PhD

Ryan Marquardt

Stefania Salsano

Owen Vaughan, PhD

SRI President's Presenter's Awards

Marisol Castillo-Castrejon, PhD
Sandra Haider, PhD
Gigi te Riele, DVM
Thomas Rawlings
Sydney Coates
Hugh Nadeau, MD/Sunam Gurung, PhD
Jessica Martin
Vanessa Assibey-Mensah
Songying Cao
Richard Scott III
Natalia Garcia
Mostafa Esmael, MD, MSc
Riikka Arffman, PhD

Zakia Sultana, PhD
Taylor Gillmore, MSc
Laura Benschop, MD
Lewis Renshall, PhD
Irving Aye, PhD
Kelly Acharya, MD
Ahizechukwu Eke, MD, PhD-Candidate
Jacklyn Hellwege, PhD
Bhuchitra Singh
Emmanuel Paul
Judith Ingles, PhD
Joie Guner, MD, MSc
Sara Arian, MD
Gillian Maher, MPH


In 2019, these awards were supported by SRI to recognize the 25 most meritorious oral abstracts submitted by individuals still in training. The Society has always sought a means by which to encourage young investigators to present their research at our meeting. We anticipate the SRI President’s Presenter’s Award will encourage more abstract submissions and higher quality abstracts by the very people who need encouragement to consider a research career.

Early Career Investigator Awardees

Daoyin Dong, PhD
Aleksandar Stanic, MD, PhD
Laura Brouwers, MD
Shayanti Mukherjee, PhD

NIH Travel Grants

Craig Bierle, PhD
Jennifer A. Courtney
Carole A. McBride
Theresa Nga Ling Ko, PhD
David Owen, MD, PhD
Liang Yu, PhD
Chi Zhou, PhD
Hannah Zierden

These awards, supported by the NIH, were given to Career Development Workshop attendees during the 2019 Annual Meeting. They were  established to enhance the career development of early career investigators by facilitating interaction with other scientists in the field, development of search collaborations, and exposure to the latest technologies and scientific developments in reproductive biology and medicine.

2019 In Training Investigator Poster Awards

SRI is pleased to announce the recipients for the In Training Investigator Poster Awards, chosen during the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting. Congratulations to the following:

Max Aung
Nadejda Capatina
Diana Castro-Rodríguez
Haley Clark
Arthur Colson
Sharon Eskandar
Amanda Jones

Jessica Lentscher
Manasi Malik
Vanessa Mancini
Stephen McCartney
Tina Napso
Hadrian Kinnear
Toral Parikh

Susana Pereira
John Theisen
Charlotte Van den Eynde
Paula Vergaro Varela
Marina White
Wenjie Wu

SRI 2019 Travel Awards

The SRI Travel Awards were established in 2018 to support attendance of in training investigators at the Annual Meeting and recognize trainees for the high quality of their abstracts. A total of 50 awards were given to intercontinental ($1,000) and continental (from the same continent as the location of the Annual Meeting) in training investigators ($500). The awardees were recognized at the Annual Meeting by having their names placed both on a sign, as well as a slide projected throughout the meeting.

Marisol Castillo-Castrejon, PhD
Sunam Gurung, PhD
Cassandra Roeca, MD
Emma Giuliani, MD
Maritza Gonzalez, MD
Andrew Antolic
Penghua Yang, PhD
Elizabeth Sutton, PhD
Amir Mor, MD, PhD
Ying-Wooi Wan, PhD
Bahar Yilmaz, MD
Dana McQueen, MD
Farrah Saleh
Hui Wang
Tendai Chiware, MD
Alexander Pendleton, MS
Qianrong Qi
Ashley Martin
Jenna Schmidt, PhD
Valeria Garcia-Flores, PhD
Masoumeh Majidi Zolbin, PhD
Esha Ganguly
Andrew Woodman
Michael Wong, MD
Marie-Eve Brien

Zakia Sultana, PhD
Ella Green
Shayna Sharma, BSc (Hons)
Suchismita Dutta
Mitchell Lock
Binod Sharma, MPH
Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo
Damián Muzzio, PhD
Ortal Tamam
Rivka Koedooder, MD
Maria Adank, MD, PhD Student
Rachel Zussman, BSc (Hons)
Oliver Watkins
Irene Corachan
Hortensia Ferrero Chafer
Roberto Gonzalez-Martin
Caroline Shaw
Qiang Lyu, MD
Tessa Garrud
Ioannis Pavlidis, MD, MSc, PhD
Alison Maclean
Ankana Ganguly, MBBS, Mres
Bernardo Krause, PhD
Denise Chan, MBBS
Teresa Tropea

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