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The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is responsible for educating the SRI membership on diversity-related topics. Each year, the DEI Committee will plan the DEI Forum to take place at the Annual Meeting. They will also work with the Membership and Nominations Committee to enhance the diverse representation of elected officials, encourage diversity among SRI members and committee members, and will also assist in providing a wide variety of Annual Meeting speakers and session hosts. The DEI committee is responsible for updating and putting into action the Diversity Roadmap, in conjunction with the overall larger SRI Strategic Plan. This committee will also have the option to meet in person at the SRI Annual Meeting.


Committee Members

Chair: Shathiyah Kulandavelu, PhD- University of Miami Miller SOM
Vice President for Diversity and Structural Change: Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD- University of North Carolina SOM
Nima Aghaeepour, PhD- Stanford University
Jin Bai, PhD (In Training Representative) - University of California, Irvine
Bo Rueda, PhD (Program Chair) - Massachusetts General Hospital
Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD- University of Utah
Sandra Madueke-Laveaux, MD, MPH- University of Chicago
Stephen A. McCartney, MD, PhD - University of Washington
Amy Murtha, MD- Rutgers RWJ Medical School
Sophie Petropoulos, PhD- Karolinska Institutet, CRCHUM and University of Montreal
Kirsty Pringle, PhD (International Representative) - University of Newcastle, Callaghan
Courtney Townsel, MD MSc- University of Maryland
Staff liaison: Leah Miller

Composition and Appointment

In addition to the Chair, VP for DSC and other committee representatives, the ideal size for this committee would be 7-10 members.

The Vice President for Diversity and Structural Change is an Executive Committee position and will focus on outward facing issues of diversity and inclusion, including but not limited to: partnerships with other organizations, maintenance of the SRI Strategic Plan as it relates to DEI, and communication/responses to issues of global social justice. This position primarily covers the areas of: Partnerships, Strategic Planning, Social Justice Advocacy, Data Management and more.

Additionally, the DEI committee requires that a minimum of 1 international member and 2 in training member sit on the committee, to best represent the scope of the DEI committee’s work with SRI.


  • Attend 7 out of approximately 11 Zoom calls and communicate via email as needed to inform discussions and complete assigned tasks
  • Serve on 1 other SRI committee as the DEI Representative, ensuring all committees keep diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind in their discussions

DEI Committee Work

DEI Forum at Annual Meeting
Underrepresented Minority membership discount
Underrepresented Minority Annual Meeting registration discount application process
SRI Diversity statement/Strategic Plan

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