2021 Award Winners

DeCherney Society Lifetime Distinguished Service Award

Hilary Critchley, MD

SRI Distinguished Scientist Award

Peter Rogers, PhD

Frederick Naftolin Award for Mentorship

Elizabeth Bonney, MD, MPH

President's Achievement Award

Irina Burd, MD, PhD

Rogerio A. Lobo Award

Clyde Wright, MD

Joshua Johnson, MD

Laxmi Baxi Awards

Sampada Kallol, PhD
Jyoti Goad, PhD

Thomas McDonald Award

Margaret Eng

Giorgio Pardi Travel Awards

Chiara Mando, PhD
Chiara Tersigni, MD
Marco Dalla Torre, MS

SRI President's Plenary Awards

Evangeline Deer, PhD
Sadia Afrin, PhD
Jorge Lopez-Tello
Joan Tymon-Rosario, MD

SRI President's Presenter's Awards

Allison F Fisher, PhD
Mingzi Qu
Rachel Wilson, MS
Raymond M. Anchan, MD, PhD
Soumyalekshmi S Nair
Sarah-Eve Loiselle
Begum Aydogan Mathyk, MD
Adolfo Paz Ferrerira
Teodora Kolarova, MD
Nida Hafiz, BSc
Eline de Vos, MD
Diane Gumina, MS

Amelia Tanner, MS
Ananya Ghosh, BS, MS
Amy Braun
Monika Horvat Mercnik, MSc
Cynthia Scott
Yassmin Medina-Laver, MSc
Soo Hyun Ahn
Ivan Osokine, MD, PhD
Luwam Ghidei
Marina Segura-Benitez
Adriana Campos, MPH, BS


In 2021, these awards were supported by SRI to recognize the 25 most meritorious oral abstracts submitted by individuals still in training. The Society has always sought a means by which to encourage young investigators to present their research at our meeting. We anticipate the SRI President’s Presenter’s Award will encourage more abstract submissions and higher quality abstracts by the very people who need encouragement to consider a research career.

Early Career Investigator Awardees

Tae Hoon Kim
Vivian (Shan) Wei
Anna Powell, MD, MSCR
Denise Chan
Oren Barak
Katarzina Szymanska, PhD

Chinese Program Travel Awards

Xiaoyan Sha
Junjie Bao, MD
Lu Huang
Yunshan Chen
Kai Luo

Kusum Lata Travel Awards

Guruprasad Kalthur
Keerthana Poojary, MSc

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