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The SoAR Committee was created in 2022 by the late SRI President, Dr. Carole Mendelson. The purpose of the SoAR Committee is to identify SRI Members who are scientific leaders in basic and clinical reproductive science research and support their nomination for membership in honorific international societies and for prestigious international awards and prizes. When asked, SoAR will seek out nominations from SRI members for the top SRI Awards. The Committee will then make recommendations to the President, who will ultimately determine the award recipients. Finally, SoAR will work with the Development committee to obtain endowments to increase the cash value of these awards and to fund additional SRI awards and prizes.

Committee Members

The members of this committee are kept anonymous, to maintain integrity in the nominations process.

Composition and Appointment

Invitations to serve on this committee will be determined by the SRI President and the SoAR committee chair. Approximately 1/3 of the committee should consist of international members. The group will meet every other month and can expect to dedicate 6-8 hours of service to this committee per year.


  • Meet approximately bi-monthly
  • Collaborate with the Membership and Nominations committee on Honorary Membership nominations and other membership requests as they relate to the various awards
  • Attend meetings and communicate via email as needed
  • Provide guidance and do research on potential awards and Societies which SRI members could be nominated to/for
  • Be willing to write letters of nomination as needed
  • Highly consider diversity of all levels when choosing nominees

Committee Work

  • Honorary Membership Nominations
  • International Awards and Recognition (National Academy of Medicine, Association of American Physicians, Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, Arnaldo Bruno, etc.)

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