Online Submission Instructions

Award applications must be submitted online for the SRI and Bayer Discovery/Innovation Grants. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The online application will include:

  1. Applicant's Personal Statement (not to exceed one page)
    1. Summarize your training to date.
    2. Comment on your specific clinical and research interests.
    3. Describe the percentage of time your Institution has allocated for your responsibilities (including research, teaching, clinical and administrative duties).
  2. Career Development Plans (not to exceed one page)
    1. Describe current and future plans for overall career development including training (if applicable) and research goals. Include specifics of how this grant will contribute to your career development/progression.
  3. An Outline of the Proposed Research Project (Font size 12 points or larger, single space, and at least ½” margins; not to exceed five pages)
    1. Thorough statement of the applicant’s proposed research plan including:
      1. Hypotheses and specific aims
      2. Background
      3. Preliminary Data (if available)
      4. Research Design and Methods Including Expected Results, Potential Pitfalls and Alternative Strategies, and Statistical Analyses
      5. Significance and Innovation
  • The below three items will not count toward the above page limit:
    1. Ethical Assurances for human subjects, animal welfare (IRB/IACUC).
    2. Description of budget items and amounts allocated to the applicant
    3. References

Additional application materials below will not be counted in the 5 page total above:

  1. Letter(s) regarding applicant status/recommendation (not to exceed two pages each)
    1. A letter of standing is required from the Chair or Institute Leader and should include the following besides the points in bullet point 6, “Conditions of Award”:
      1. Details on the Institutions’ commitment to the applicant;
      2. Applicant’s qualifications for an academic career and availability of funding or in-kind support for applicant’s research expenses;
      3. Applicant’s training/career development plan if applicant is junior
  2. For In Training/ECR, a second, one-page letter from the applicant’s mentor/research supervisor should include:
    1. The mentor’s assessment of the applicant’s scientific skills, commitment to a research career and potential for future contribution to science in the proposed Bayer AG target area(s) of research.
  3. Applicant Biographical Sketch (NIH Format)
    1. Must include a full disclosure of all grants or awards currently received or pending.
  4. For In Training/ECR only: Primary Mentor Biographical Sketch (NIH Format)
  5. Financial Conflict of Interest Statement(s)
    1. List real or potential financial conflicts of interest with the proposed studies. Financial conflicts of interest would include direct payments from corporate entities related to the proposed studies and/or investments that would benefit the investigator or the investigator’s family as a result of the proposed studies.

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