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August 3, 2020

Dear SRI Colleagues,

In the past month COVID-19 has continued to spread, particularly across the US. As of today, in Florida there are 480,000 infected and 7,084 deaths. Unfortunately, the US is leading the world in deaths per population as COVID-19 ravages all states and locales. Given the richness of resources that are present in the US, it is a national embarrassment and a leadership failure of epic proportions. I mention this to explain this crisis has led the SRI leadership to delay the meeting until July 6-9, 2021 in Boston. By next July, we expect a vaccine or preventative treatments will have quashed the virus and travel will again be safe. The Program Committee has done a fabulous job and the 2021 SRI meeting will feature new opportunities for career development and training, in addition to scientific sessions and speakers you will not want to miss!

Because of the delay of the 2021 Annual Meeting to July, the SRI Leadership and Committees have been exploring and planning virtual platforms that would allow membership to engage in sharing of data and ideas. Please stay tuned for an announcement in the coming weeks regarding these exciting virtual meetings.

As you all know, the nominations process has opened for the next two Council members. Nominations will close on August 17th, so please make sure you have submitted names before then. Let me take this opportunity to affirm that our society is anti-racist and is dedicated to creating a leadership that is not only representative of the SRI Membership but is inclusive to all individuals representing women’s health around the world. Because of this, we ask that you thoughtfully recommend members of SRI who you believe would be great representatives of their geographical location, area of study, diversity, etc.

Finally, the leadership is continuing to work within Task Forces to create plans moving forward in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategic plan, and the black lives matter movement. Each Task Force will provide a brief report at our virtual December Council Meeting and will make recommendations to the Council. The Task Forces have been extremely creative and have re-imagined how the SRI can best serve our membership by changes in culture and structure. I look forward to sharing more information soon!

Please take precautions and remain safe and well.


Jim Segars, MD
SRI President, 2019-2021

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