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SRI Responds to the Attack on the US Capitol


After the events this week in the United States, the Society for Reproductive Investigation would once again like to reiterate that a guiding principle of our society is and will continue to be anti-racism. The SRI leadership strongly condemns and decries the recent events on Capitol Hill where racist groups and individuals assaulted and vandalized Federal property in the Capitol threatening our democracy and lawmakers while sporting Confederate flags and swastikas.

While we understand that racism is widespread throughout the world, the recent violent actions, fueled by racism and white supremacy, within the United States are especially shameful and despicable.

The fact that those that destroyed Federal property and broke laws were permitted to leave without being held accountable or charged with a crime is a flagrant example of systemic racism that will not go unnoticed by the Society. The fact that this lawless mob of largely white individuals was embraced with eponyms of “love” by Administration leaders whereas Black Lives Matter peaceful demonstrators were described as “thugs” is unacceptable and clearly racist. The fact that the mob was not checked by timely deployment of guardsmen or police is also an example of systemic racism, as months ago we saw Black Lives Matter demonstrators faced by guardsmen three lines deep.

The SRI leadership views the assault on the Capitol as an act tantamount to treason. The SRI leadership calls for investigation and accountability for those that fomented the attack on the Capitol and called for combat and the use of force against the leadership of the United States.

In the coming weeks, the United States will assume a new Administration, at which time we will continue to work toward our mission and the values that we know as a Society to be true. The health of women, of all races and ethnicities, is of the highest priority. We will continue to speak out and work against these injustices for the benefit of all women and their families.

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