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Call for Committee Volunteers

SRI is looking for new members of SRI to join the current SRI Committees. If something below peaks your interest, send your CV and a list of the Committees you're interested in to

Career Development Committee
The committee will be charged with developing plans and programs to address issues of mentorship, leadership, communication and negotiation skills, the work-life balance and career development. The committee should recognize the diverse composition of the membership of SRI and develop plans and programs that address those issues for as many members as possible.

CME Committee
The Continuing Medical Education (CME) committee is responsible for monitoring the CME activities of the Society for Reproductive Investigation, primarily the annual meeting.

Development Committee
The Development Committee is responsible for being involved in and promoting initiatives related to fundraising, development, sponsorship, external grant funding and related external and corporate funding. The Development Committee will assist in developing relationships that benefit Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) and its members and promote relationships that bring in additional funding to SRI through primarily sponsorships, external education grants, etc. as well as individual and planned giving. Most of the work of the Development Committee is done via email and phone with quarterly conference calls held throughout the year.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
The purpose of this committee is to address issues related to the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion within SRI, and educate the SRI membership on these same topics. Each year the committee will plan the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum to take place during the Annual Meeting. The committee will also encourage diversity among the slate for Council nominations, membership of all SRI committees, as well as speakers within the annual meeting sessions, and assist in providing members and speakers to do so. Additionally, the committee will be responsible for updating and putting into action the Diversity Roadmap, in conjunction with the overall larger SRI Strategic Plan.

Early Career Committee
The Early Career Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing benefits and programs for current and future early career members. The committee will meet regularly via conference call and will work with other committees throughout the year to assist with SRI communications and Annual Meeting planning targeted to early career members as well as membership recruitment.

Global Outreach (GO) Committee
The Global Outreach (GO) Committee of the SRI was formed to help promote internationalism of the society. Members of the GO Committee represent SRI’s International membership, annual meeting attendees, and journal submitters. The GO Committee works with the SRI Council to increase international satellite meetings, encourage international attendance at annual meetings, and represents the interests of SRI and its members on the global stage

Government Affairs Committee
The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) represents the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) and the interests of its members through engagement with federal, state, and local legislative entities. Advocacy efforts focus on the promotion and advancement of women’s health and reproductive science through education and collaboration with public policy makers, community/private organizations, and the public, in general.

In Training Member Committee
The In Training Member Committee (ITMC) functions as a committee to cultivate leaders both within SRI and beyond. This Committee is a starting point for any member who has a strong interest in moving up within SRI Leadership. The primary initiative of the Committee is to act as hosts throughout the Annual Meeting to help and assist “in training” peers. The Committee will be made visible by presentation in the program, and will be responsible for any in training events, including the Connection Corners networking event. Together with the Career Development and Diversity Committee, they will organize relevant career development events. The Committee will also be responsible for creating the list of table topics and assigning topics to mid- and senior-level SRI members to be hosts at tables during the Connection Corners event. In the weeks prior to the Annual Meeting, Committee members assist with promoting the events via social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, email, SRI website) in conjunction with SRI 365.

SRI 365
SRI 365 is a committee created in order to streamline and synchronize the communications published by the Society. The purpose of the SRI 365 Committee revolves around the idea of strengthening the organization in the way the Society communicates both internally and externally. Social media, email blasts, website maintenance, and the SRI 1st Alert will be regulated by the Committee. Each SRI 365 Committee Member will be responsible for contributing to the communication planning of the Society.


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