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President's Message

November 1, 2017

Dear SRI Colleagues,

As the end of 2017 approaches, SRI leadership continues to work toward finalizing details surrounding the 2018 Annual Meeting as well as additional ongoing initiatives. Over the last year or so, we have been focused on increasing the value of SRI to all its members. This has been accomplished over the last year through several mediums including the impressive 2017 Annual Meeting program, our journal, Reproductive Sciences, SRI’s communication tools (e.g. 1st Alert) and additional funding opportunities made available.

The most recent funding opportunity is the SRI and Bayer Innovation/Discovery Grant. These grants, intended for SRI members at any stage in their career, will support the development of scientists and clinicians in their education and research endeavors.  Seven individual awards will be granted in the amount of $15,000 each. Please note that the deadline for the award application is November 15, 2017. We are grateful to Bayer as they have made this a possibility for us as we continue to strive to bring the best and most fruitful opportunities to our members.

New for the 2018 Annual meeting is the Career Development Workshops. The topics of these workshops include; “Effective Presentation”, “Basics of Writing a Good Grant & How to Critique a Good Grant”, “Ethics in Science” and the “New Investigator Forum: Rules of Collaboration”. This day of activities, also sponsored by Bayer, will come at a cost of $25 for attendees but holds an immeasurable value. This day of activities preceding the official start of the Annual Meeting is only the beginning of what is promising to be a great Annual Meeting.

Please be sure to register soon and I look forward to seeing you at SRI’s 65th Annual Scientific Meeting in March!


Sandy Davidge, PhD
SRI President, 2017-2018