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Career Development and Diversity Committee

The committee will be charged with developing plans and programs to address issues of mentorship, leadership, communication and negotiation skills, the work-life balance and career development. The committee should recognize the diverse composition of the membership of SRI and develop plans and programs that address those issues for as many members as possible.

Chair: Elizabeth Ann Bonney, MD - University of Vermont
Co-Chair: Jared Robins, MD - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Junior-Chair: Floor Spaans, PhD - University of Alberta

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees is responsible for reviewing and modifying current committees, creating and charging new regular or ad hoc committees that will increase the effectiveness of SRI’s goals and operations, and serve the needs and interests of SRI’s members. The Committee on Committees will have a veto power over the nomination of non-elected committee chairs and committee members.

Chair: Sandra T. Davidge, PhD - University of Alberta
Murray D. Mitchell, DPhil, DSc - University of Queensland
James Segars, MD - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Finance/Budget Committee

The SRI Finance/Budget Committee shall be the investment fiduciary responsible for the prudent management of the Investment Portfolio. The Committee shall have the exclusive authority to establish, execute and interpret an investment policy statement for the Portfolio. The Committee shall be solely responsible for the selection and retention of professional advisors to the Portfolio which may include, but not be limited to, investment managers, investment consultants, custodians, attorneys, accountants and clerical staff.

Chair: Ian Bird, PhD - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Grants Committee

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to facilitate opportunities and successes for SRI In-Training Members to receive grant funding and oversee the grant application and review process. The committee is responsible for the annual review of the application as well as appointment of members to the Grant Review Subcommittee. The committee also defines goals of the grant mechanism, determines grant eligibility, and develops the process for review.

Chair: Stacy Zamudio, PhD - Hackensack University MC

Membership & Nominations Committee

The Membership and Nominations Committee is charged with increasing and enhancing membership in the Society and to advise the Council on membership policy and recruitment issues. The Membership and Nominations Committee is tasked with reviewing all membership applications and submitting a recommendation regarding the acceptance of applications to the SRI Council during the Annual and Interim Council Meetings. The committee also prepares the slate of candidates for the nationally elected officers of the Society.

Chair: Phillip R. Bennett, MD, PhD - Imperial College London

Program Committee

The charge of the Program Committee is to plan the annual meetings. Three program committee meetings a year are held for planning current and future meetings.  The Program Director is responsible for symposia/plenary/luncheons/trainee activities/CME/program book/logistics.

Chair: Emre Seli, MD - Yale SOM

Publications Committee

The charge of the committee is to advise the Council regarding the Society’s publications with the immediate goals of evaluating the Reproductive Sciences Journal and insuring that scientific periodicals published by the Society reflect the SRI standard of excellence.

Chair: Amy Murtha, MD - Duke University Medical Center

SRI 365 Committee

SRI 365 is a committee created in order to streamline and synchronize the communications published by the Society. The purpose of the SRI 365 Committee revolves around the idea of strengthening the organization in the way the Society communicates both internally and externally. Social media, email blasts, website maintenance, and the SRI 1st Alert will be regulated by the Committee. Each SRI 365 Committee Member will be responsible for contributing to the communication planning of the Society.

Co-Chair: Charles A. Ducsay, PhD - Loma Linda University
Co-Chair: Emiel D. Post Uiterweer, MD, PhD - University M.C. Utrecht

CME Committee - Ad Hoc

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) committee is responsible to monitor the CME activities of the Society for Reproductive Investigation, primarily the annual meeting.

Chair: Errol R. Norwitz, MD, PhD - Tufts University


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