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SRI Announces International Grant Program!

To further support all members, SRI has created the International Training Grant, which is open only to international members (non US Citizens and/or non green-card holders).

Your two-page proposal is due November 15, 2016 to, and the training must take place prior to June 30, 2017*. The grant is open to current SRI members only. Those who are non-members that wish to apply must first apply for membership. Membership applications are due no later than November 1. Complete information can be found here.

Purpose: The SRI International Training Grant provides an opportunity for international trainees to obtain research experience in an institution outside of their home country.

Who may apply: SRI In Training or Regular Members who are Early Career Researchers (ECR's) may apply for this opportunity. US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) are NOT eligible. SRI "in training" includes SRI members who are between their undergraduate studies up to and including postdoctoral training. An ECR is defined as a member of SRI who is within their first 5 years of a faculty or faculty equivalent position. The host institution may be located in any country, including the USA. Applicants must identify the institution in which they wish to work and obtain an agreement from the host prior to submitting the application. Agreement to host the applicant's training must be confirmed with a letter of invitation by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Institute Director or similar people with authority within the training setting to make such an offer.

Amount of support: Up to three (3) grants, each of $5,000, will be offered to support research training for 4-8 weeks.

*For the 2016-2017 grant year only, extensions for when training must be completed by will be considered for those that would need to obtain a Visa and/or other related reasons.