Career Development

Career Development

SRI has had a long-standing commitment to training future generations of clinicians and researchers in women’s health. In 2015, the SRI Council recognized the need for additional activities surrounding diversity in the society and career development. The SRI Career Development Committee was revitalized to realize that need and has been charged with developing educational and mentorship opportunities for SRI trainees and investigators. These include ongoing curriculum of activities to develop grant writing, presentation, networking and mentoring skills, training in basic or clinical design in specific research techniques, data analysis, data analysis and interpretation. Such sessions will improve skills in personal and business interactions and allow trainees and investigators to develop the appropriate skills to launch and maintain fruitful careers in reproductive sciences and women’s health.


SRI Mentorship Program Has Launched!

As part of the Society’s desire to involve and further support its In Training Members, this program matches a senior member of SRI with an In Training Member once they have officially joined the Society. Through this program, Mentors will gain personal satisfaction, growth within the field and Society, and networking opportunities. Mentees will be able to obtain advice, feedback, and an expanded base of skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities. The Mentor-Mentee relationship is designed to foster maximum productivity and commitment to the field of women’s health. While we ask that the Mentor-Mentee relationship be maintained for three years, we strongly hope and encourage the relationship to continue indefinitely.

An SRI mentee is an early stage investigator who is transitioning from their last formal training (e.g. post doctoral or clinical fellowship, or degree) to their first full time faculty or equivalent position, or is within 5 years of this point.

Interested in becoming involved? Download the Mentorship Guide to read about the program and requirements. Mentor's must be members of SRI for at least 5 years, and mentees are eligible once their dues are paid. Contact the SRI office today to sign up!

Useful Tips & Tricks

Find useful links to informational articles that could support your career skills in many different ways: from refining your CV and presentation skills to networking, coping with stress and tips for writing.


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