Connection Corners

2024 Connection Corners

Thursday, March 14 at 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

Room: Ballroom A

During this event, accomplished senior members are invited to host discussions at tables with topics that are relatable and of interest to attendees at diverse stages in their careers. These open-ended “chats” provide a casual environment to interact, and facilitate networking between meeting attendees, especially amongst trainees.

Please note that this webpage will be periodically updated, as speaker confirmations are received.

Table 1:
Supporting Healthy Lifecourse Trajectories

Sarah Wernimont, MD, PhD
Tracy L. Bale, PhD
Tessa Roseboom, PhD

Table 2:
Past, Present and Future Leaders of SRI

Ayman Al-Hendy, MD, PhD
Stephen G. Matthews, PhD
Sandra T. Davidge, PhD, FCAHS, FRSC

Table 3:
Digital Platforms to Promote Your Science

Kaela M. Varberg, PhD
Panicos Shangaris, MSc(Dist) MRCOG PhD
Helen N. Jones, PhD

Table 4:
Writing to Win the Grant

Sarah Anne Robertson, PhD
Stephanie Pangas, PhD
Theresa Powell, PhD

Table 5:
Collaborations: Clinicians and Researchers

Vikki M. Abrahams, PhD
Irene Cervello, PhD
Claire Roberts, PhD

Table 6:
Careers Outside of Academia

Jonathan Cherry- March of Dimes
Kelle H. Moley, MD- Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Paige Cooper Byas- Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Table 7:
Balancing Research and Clinical Practice

Shannon M. Hawkins, MD, PhD
Amanda Kallen, MD
Steve Young, MD, PhD

Table 8:
Editorial Insight
Gregory M. Christman, MD
Lusine Aghajanova, MD, PhD, FACOG
Richard J. Paulson, MD, MS

Table 9:
Developing a Mentor/Mentee Relationship

William H. Catherino, MD, PhD
Jessica F. Hebert, PhD
Natalie J. Hannan, PhD
Elizabeth A. Bonney, MD, MPH

Table 10:
Advocacy in Reproductive Sciences
Nanette F. Santoro, MD
Sarah K. England, PhD
Michal Elovitz, MD
Melissa A. Simon, MD, MPH

Table 11:
Industry and Innovations
Nima Aghaeepour, PhD
Mohamed Bedaiwy, MD, PhD
Jacob Hanna, MD, PhD

Table 12:
Collaborations Outside of Reproductive Sciences
Emilio A. Herrera, DVM, PhD
Bernando J. Krause, PhD
Perrie F. O'Tierney-Ginn, PhD

Table 13:
Early Career Table: The Business of Science- Managing People and a Laboratory
Floor Spaans, PhD
Alison S. Care, PhD
Dineo Khabele, MD

Table 14:
Transitional Programs
Danny J. Schust, MD- RSDP
Virginia D. Winn, MD, PhD- WRHR
Margareta D. Pisarska, MD- AAOGF

Table 15:
Partnering Society Representation
Candace Tingen, PhD- NIH
Irina Burd, MD, PhD- SMFM
Peter A.W. Rogers, PhD- SRB and NHMRC

Table 16:
Trainee Success Stories
Mancy Tong, PhD
Emmanuel Amabebe, PhD
Margeaux W. Marbrey, PhD