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Immune outposts inside kidney tumors predict post-surgery outcomes
Patients with well-supported immune cells in their tumors are more likely to control their cancers' growth for a longer time, an observation that could guide treatment decisions after surgery for kidney cancer. In addition, the findings could help researchers expand the dramatic but sparse benefits of cancer immunotherapy to more people.

New bone healing mechanism has potential therapeutic applications
A new mechanism that contributes to adult bone maintenance and repair opens the possibility of developing therapeutic strategies for improving bone healing.

Scientists push bioprinting capability forward
Scientists are reporting using bioprinting to print a tracheal tissue construct comprising of multiple different functional materials. They printed different designs of smooth muscle and cartilage regions in artificial tracheal substitutes showing similar mechanical properties to human tracheal tissue.

Transition to exhaustion: Clues for cancer immunotherapy
Research on immune cells 'exhausted' by chronic viral infection provides clues on how to refine cancer immunotherapy. The Immunity paper defines a transitional stage in between stem-like and truly exhausted cells.

How stem cells decide their identity
Several hundred different cell types of the adult human body are formed during embryonic development, starting from just a few identical stem cells. The differentiation potential of the cells is progressively restricted in the course of this process, causing changes in their morphology and functions.