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'Instant liver, just add water'? Not quite, but a better way to grow multiple organs
Pluripotent stem cells can be used to make experimental models of organ systems, but current techniques often produce models that bear limited resemblance to true organs. Researchers developed an improved method to make a sophisticated three-dimensional organoid model of the liver, pancreas, and bile ducts. The model may help researchers understand how these organs form and how genetic mutations can lead to diseases in these organs.

A compound effective to chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells identified
A compound effective in killing chemotherapy-resistant glioblastoma-initiating cells (GICs) has been identified, raising hopes of producing drugs capable of eradicating refractory tumors with low toxicity.

When added to gene therapy, plant-based compound may enable faster, more effective treatments
Today's standard process for administering gene therapy is expensive and time-consuming -- a result of the many steps required to deliver the healthy genes into the patients' blood stem cells to correct a genetic problem. Scientists believe they have found a way to sidestep some of the current difficulties, resulting in a more efficient gene delivery method that would save money and improve treatment outcomes.

Embryo's early development revealed in a dish
Bioscientists develop a method to observe patterns of early embryonic development, during which ectodermal cells diverge toward their fates as skin, organs and the nervous system.

Viagra shows promise for use in bone marrow transplants
Researchers have demonstrated a new, rapid method to obtain donor stem cells for bone marrow transplants using a combination of Viagra and a second drug called Plerixafor. Bone marrow transplants, used mostly in the treatment of cancer, are life-saving procedures to restore the stem cells that generate new blood cells throughout a person's life.