Letter of Support Example

Dear SRI Membership Committee,

I am writing to give my full support and endorsement to “NAME OF APPLICANT” application for membership in the Society for Reproductive Investigation.

“NAME OF APPLICANT” has excellent experience in the field of “FIELD” and has shown strong knowledge and skills in this area. “HIS/HER” interaction with both patients and other health care team members is always with integrity and respect. “HE/SHE” adheres to the ethical guidelines set out in “HIS/HER” professional standards of practice. Overall, “HE/SHE” is very competent in “HIS/HER” practice of “FIELD/AREA OF SPECIALTY”.

(You made add personal comments regarding the length of your relationship, specific skills and knowledge applicable to membership.)

It is without reservation that I endorse “NAME OF APPLICANT’s” application for membership in SRI.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me at “PHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL-ADDRESS”.