SRI 69th Annual Scientific Meeting
SRI 69th Annual Scientific Meeting


The SRI Council and Annual Meeting Program Committee have been monitoring the spread of the Omicron Variant and appreciate the impact it is having on us all. We know there have been several questions about SRI’s plan to move forward with a fully in-person meeting. The data are showing that we can forge ahead and get back to meaningful in person networking and ensure those important connections are made, especially for our younger members.

With that being said, we want to make sure that we do that in a safe, responsible and FUN way. Therefore, we bring you the top 5 tips for coping with COVID at the meeting and in Denver!

Sick and tired of eating all your meals ‘al desko’? Dying to actually see long-lost friends and colleagues in person and discuss your latest findings and share ideas?

Spending the day in your fuzzy slippers sitting by your computer is getting old!  So get out of your house, come to sunny Denver and breathe some fresh mountain air! 

1. How to stay safe:

  • Make sure your vaccine and booster status are as updated as they can be.  You won’t be able to attend the meeting without proof of vaccination, so make sure to pack it!
  • Make sure you are aware of the requirements to return to your home institution, and that your insurance will cover the testing.  There are many testing options available in the Denver metro area and requirements are changing all of the time.
  • Currently, as per the City of Denver mandate, SRI will be requiring masks to be worn in-doors at all times when not actively eating or drinking.

2. How to have fun:

  • At cocktail parties: try to maintain social distancing (it helps to be a loud talker)
  • Wear your mask when not eating or drinking
  • If you have figured out a way to eat an hors d’oeuvre, hold a drink, and keep your mask handy all at the same time, please let us know how you do it! Might we suggest attire that includes large pockets to hold extraneous supplies?
  • Color-coordinate masks with your friends for easy across-the-room locating

3. How to manage your expectations for an in-person meeting during a global pandemic:

  • Restaurants and all service industries are chronically understaffed, so please be kind. Denver is no better and no worse off than other cities in this regard.
  • There are many take-out and delivery options available in the downtown area that are happy to serve you. Please give yourself plenty of time for deliveries as most food services continue to be short staffed
  • Great places to spend a little down time that are near the hotel:
    • Clifford Still Museum (1250 Bannock Street, less than 1 mile): visionary modern art exhibit rotated from the artist’s collection
    • Denver Art Museum (1/2 mile): standing exhibits of Western art, and rotating special exhibits
    • History Colorado Museum (1.1 miles)
    • Denver Botanic Gardens (3 miles): lovely botanic garden with a new art exhibit area on the second floor

4. How to dress for Denver:

  • There’s a saying in Denver: “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes”. This is no joke! The average daily high temperature in March is 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 29 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • March is the snowiest month in Denver, with an average snowfall of 11 inches. This can seem like a gross underestimate if we wind up getting a blizzard. However, remember that the day after a snowfall, most of the snow may melt and the weather can get substantially warmer. 
  • If you have a packable parka, it is a great idea to bring it with you.  

5. If you have 1-2 extra days to spend in Colorado:

Consider gathering some friends, renting a car and hitting the sunny slopes--with lots of snow Colorado has some of the best ski resorts in the world ~ 2 hours from downtown Denver. These include:

We look forward to safely meeting in Denver!