SRI 67th Annual Scientific Meeting
SRI 67th Annual Scientific Meeting

Connection Corners

From Research to Reality

Thursday, March 12 at 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm
During this event, accomplished senior members are invited to host discussions at tables with topics that are relatable and of interest to attendees at diverse stages in their careers. These open-ended “chats” provide a casual environment to interact, and facilitate networking between meeting attendees, especially amongst trainees.

Table 1:
Translating Reproductive Science to the Bedside
Kristina Adams Waldorf, MD, PhD
Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH
Mana Parast, MD, PhD
Table 2:
Meet the SRI Distinguished Lecturer
Joan Steitz, PhD
Emre Seli, MD
Table 3:
Your First SRI Meeting
Nanette Santoro, MD
Carole Mendelson, PhD
Jessica Hebert, PhD
Table 4:
Time Management and Other Soft Skills
Asgi Fazleabas, PhD
Jim Segars, MD
Steven Young, MD, PhD
Table 5:
Junior Faculty Survival Guide
Ian Bird, PhD
Shannon Whirledge, PhD, MHS
Stephanie Wesolowski, PhD
Table 6:
The Publication Dilemma:
Quantity or Quality?
Ayman Al-Hendy, MD, PhD
Seung-Yup Ku, MD, PhD
Erica Marsh, MD, MSCI, FACOG
Table 7:
Should I Pick a Junior or an Experienced PI?
Amy Murtha, MD
Yoel Sadovsky, MD
John Challis, PhD,  FRCOG, FRSC
Table 8:
Is Science for Me?
Stephen Matthews, PhD
Rachel Tribe, PhD
Ludwig Kiesel, MD, PhD
Table 9:
Combining Clinical Work with Research
Paul Rozance, MD
Dilly Anumba, MD, FRCOG, LLM
Dineo Khabale, MD
Table 10:
Careers Outside of Academia
Gaurang Daftary, MD, MBA
Keith Gordon, PhD
Table 11:
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Thomas Jansson, MD, PhD
Amy Valent, DO
Lisa Joss-Moore, PhD
Table 12:
How to Shape Your Leadership Skills
Murray Mitchell, DPhil, DSc
Kent Thornburg, PhD
Andrea Loewendorf, PhD
Table 13:
Why You Should Become a
Member of SRI!
Sam Mesiano, PhD
SRI Staff
Table 14:
Mentor-in-a-Cloud Meet-Up!
Eun Lee, PhD
Dorothy Sojka, PhD
Kyu-Ho Lee, PhD
Table 15:
Discovering Diversity
Elizabeth Booney, MD, MPH
Genevieve Neal-Perry, PhD
Denise Hemmings, MD, PhD