SRI 67th Annual Scientific Meeting
SRI 67th Annual Scientific Meeting

Underrepresented Minority Registration Program

To further diversify the Annual Meeting, SRI is pleased to continue offering discounted Annual Meeting registration for 25 individuals who are underrepresented in their country or originate from a low-income, lower-middle-income, or upper-middle-income country (as defined by the World Bank).

Eligibility Requirements:

Highest Consideration will be given to those fulfilling the following points:

  • Early Stage Investigators
  • Preference to those that have submitted an abstract
  • Provide proof that they have additional funding in order to attend the Annual Meeting (if listed on page 1)
  • Cannot receive the award two years in a row

Other Points of Consideration Include:

  • Must be SRI members
  • If the individual has been published

How to Apply:

  1. Submit an application for the reduced registration.
  2. If you would like to reserve your seat for any of the lunch or extra sessions, please download and complete the URM registration form and submit it along with your application.
  3. Provide proof of minority status (this may be a letter from a supervisor, or a photocopy of the information pages of a passport or similar documentation).
  4. Send all of these materials to

Applications are being accepted now through January 15, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have submitted an application for this program, do not register online for the Annual Meeting. If you are not accepted, SRI will honor the early registration rate past the advance registration deadline.