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Guidelines from the 2022-2023 Grant Cycle

Applications for the 2022-2023 Grant Cycle is now closed.


SRI currently supports its members in a variety of ways, and seeks to do so in a fair and balanced way. For example, the SRI supports the Reproductive Scientist Development Program (RSDP), which is only open to trainees that are US citizens or green-card holders. To further support all members, SRI has created the International Training Grant, which is open only to international members (non US Citizens or non green-card holders), and provides a level of funding that is similar to that of RSDP, and available only to International members.

Many additional awards are provided and announced at the SRI Annual Meeting. These include the SRI Lifetime Distinguished Service Award, the SRI Lifetime Distinguished Scientist Award, the President’s Achievement Award, the SRI Award for Mentorship, the Roger A Lobo Award for contributions to Reproductive Sciences, the Laxmi Baxi Award for PhD candidates or postdoctoral fellows, the President’s Presenter’s Award, the Thomas McDonald Foundation Travel Award given to an early stage investigator who has submitted an abstract to the Annual Meeting, the Giorgio Pardi Award, the SRI President’s Presenter’s Award to the 25 most meritorious abstracts submitted by an individual still in training, 50 travel grants, and SRI Poster Awards given to the top 20 Best Investigator In-Training poster presentations. More details about all these award mechanisms can be found at http://www.sri-

About the International Training Grant


The SRI International Training Grant provides an opportunity for international trainees to obtain research experience in an Institution outside of their home country.


  • Current SRI In Training or Regular Members who are Early Career Researchers (ECRs) may apply for this opportunity (see requirements for further details).
  • If applicant is not a member of SRI, their mentor/supervisor must be. It is expected that the applicant become a member, if they receive a grant.
  • U.S. Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) are NOT eligible.
  • SRI “in training” includes SRI members who are between their undergraduate studies up to and including postdoctoral training. An ECR is defined as a member of SRI who is within their first 5 years of a faculty or faculty equivalent position.

The host Institution may be located in any country, including the USA. Applicants must identify the Institution in which they wish to work and obtain an agreement from the host prior to submitting the application. Agreement to host the applicant’s training must be confirmed with a letter of invitation by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Institute Director or similar people with authority within the training setting to make such an offer. Hereafter, for convenience, the person in the host Institution with the authority to invite the trainee will be called the Principle Investigator (PI).

Amount of Support:

Up to five (5) grants, each of $5,000, will be offered to support research training for 4-8 weeks.

Application Requirements:

  1. Training must be completed by June 30, 2023.
  2. If applicant is not a member of SRI, their mentor/supervisor must be. It is expected that the applicant become a member, if they receive a grant.
  3. The applicant is responsible for identifying the training opportunity that best meets his/her training needs, and for obtaining the collaboration and agreement of the host PI.
  4. The host PI will provide a letter of support demonstrating intellectual and in-kind commitment to support the trainee-applicant, such as laboratory space, materials, equipment, access to clinical environments where relevant etc.
  5. As part of SRI’s programmatic follow-up, we request that the host PI and the awardee each will complete an evaluation form, and that the awardee will also complete a post-activity report. Forms and guidelines will be provided. The evaluations are short, and are designed to improve the program and assess the value of the training to the applicant’s career goals and development.
  6. Grant recipients must use part of the funds to attend the SRI Annual Meeting in Brisbane Australia, March 21-25, 2023.

What the Grant Does and Does Not Cover

The grant underwrites costs directly related to the travel, research, visas and temporary housing costs as needed. The grant does not cover the following: Salary, meals, entertainment, childcare, expenses of accompanying family members, along with any item not listed within your budget that has not been approved by SRI.

Application Process & Required Materials:

  1. Cover Page as provided by SRI
  2. Submit a two-page proposal to include the following:
    1. Indicate why you seek research training with the host research group and Institution.
    2. Highlight how this training will enhance your research and your career.
    3. The research/training/skills to be developed at the host Institution.
    4. The proposed time frame (start and end dates). Please note applications are due December 1, 2022; training must be completed by June 30, 2023.
    5. Ways in which the SRI International Training Grant will enhance your career.
    6. If your application is accepted you will be required to provide a ~ 100 word summary of your proposal, easily understood by a non-specialist for publication on the SRI website.
  3. A current CV, not to exceed 5 pages.
  4. A draft budget, including participation at the SRI Annual Meeting (see ‘Additional Information’ below).
  5. A letter of support from your mentor or Chair (whoever is currently your direct supervisor) at your home Institution.
  6. A letter of support from the host PI as indicated in #3 of the requirements, above.

Formatting Requirements:

Each piece of the application should be single-spaced and use Arial 11- or 12-point font with 1⁄2 inch borders on a standard USA 8 x 11 inch page size.


  • Application With Cover Letter Due: December 1, 2022 to
  • Award Start Date: Successful applicants will be notified in the New Year.
  • The Host PI Evaluation and Awardee Post-Activity Report are due within 4 weeks of completion of the training.

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