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2018 Pfizer Awards

2018 SRI/Pfizer President's Presenter Award Winners

The Pfizer (formerly Wyeth) President’s Presenter Award was established in 1996 to recognize the 25 most meritorious abstracts (either poster or oral presentation) submitted by individuals still in training.

Fellows and those in both pre and post-doctoral training are eligible to receive the award, which has been generously funded by Pfizer. The 25 awardees will receive a certificate, a check, and they and their training directors will be honored at a luncheon at the SRI annual meeting. The society has always sought a means by which to encourage young investigators to present their research at our meeting. We anticipate the Pfizer President’s Presenter’s Award will result in the submission of more and better abstracts by the very people who need encouragement to consider a research career.

Leena Alanne

Mentor: Not Pictured

Beth Allison (Not Pictured)

Mentor: Dino Giussani, PhD ScD FRCOG and Youguo Niu, DPhil

Ihor Atabiekov, MD (Not Pictured)

Mentor: Igboeli Prosper, MD

David Bolumar, BSc, MSc

Mentor: Felipe Vilella Mitjana, PhD

Anna Buigues

Mentor: Sonia Herraiz, PhD

Jessica Ehrig, MD

Mentor: Henry Galan, MD

Abdeljabar El Andaloussi, PhD, MBA

Mentor: Ayman Al-Hendy, MD, PhD

Leonardo Ermini

Mentor: Isabella Caniggia, MD, PhD

Moriya Gamliel (Not Pictured)

Mentor: Simcha Yagel, MD

Elisa Giacomini, PhD

Mentor: Enrico Papaleo, MD

Jessica Hebert

Mentor: Terry Morgan, MD, PhD
Pictured: Helen Jones, PhD

Rita Hess, BSc

Mentor: Dino Giussani, PhD ScD FRCOG

Rama Lakshman, BSc

Mentor: Dino Giussani, PhD ScD FRCOG

Holly Lewis, MRCOG

Mentor: David MacIntyre, PhD

Sandy Li, MD

Mentor: Thomas Price, MD

Brooke Liang

Mentor: Indira Mysorekar, PhD

Shimeng Liu, BS

Mentor: Serdar Bulun, MD

Carolyn Mitchell, PhD

Mentor: Tamas Zakar, MD, PhD

Scott Morin, MD

Mentor: Emre Seli, MD

Chris Pankey

Mentor: Peter Nathanielsz, MD, PhD, ScD

Jonathan Riel

Mentor: Men-Jean Lee, MD

Jessica Vazquez, MSc

Mentor: Aleksandar K. Stanic, MD, PhD

Carole-Anne Whigham, MB, ChB

Mentor: Tu'uhevaha Kaitu'u-Lino, PhD

Penghua Yang, PhD

Mentor: Peixin Yang, PhD (Not Pictured)

Man Zhang, MD, PhD

Mentor: Emre Seli, MD


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